Purpose driven

Our goal is to enable our global network of nephrologists and nephropathologists to come together and define the future of glomerular disease care. GlomCon is a nonprofit, charitable 501c(3) organization, registered in the U.S.

  • Education

    Due to the outstanding learning experience provided by world-renowned faculty and speakers, GlomCon Seminars grew from a small community event to a global venue with participants from over 130 countries. GlomCon aim to support nephrologists and nephropathologists in their daily clinical practice, research careers, and academic teaching responsibilities, and serve as a centerpiece in their subspecialty care and career development in glomerular diseases.

  • Research

    Collaboratively develop and participate in Real-World evidence studies. Leverage GlomCon's glomerular disease registry module to develop and pursue your local studies. Use and share experience in clinical trials, patient enrollment, protocol development, budget negotiation, and more. 

  • Network

    Interested in establishing a glomerular disease clinic? In developing course material for your local training program? Exchanging clinical protocols? Or merely connecting with peers who share the same professional interests? Join our global community of leading experts, future experts, and rising stars in nephrology.